By the form, one accomplishes beauty, and one creates vision. Vision is created by the use of form since the poem is ordered. It lends itself to the reader, it is safe, and the reader may study the work.

These are concepts of formal poetry:

Iamb (Iambic)Unstressed + Stressed
Trochee (Trochaic)Stressed + Unstressed
Spondee (Spondaic)Stressed + Stressed
Anapest (Anapestic)Unstressed + Unstressed + Stressed
Dactyl (Dactylic)Stressed + Unstressed + Unstressed

MonometerOne Foot
DimeterTwo Feet
TrimeterThree Feet
TetrameterFour Feet
PentameterFive Feet
HexameterSix Feet
HeptameterSeven Feet
OctameterEight Feet

Incomplete foot at the end of the line: Catalexis
Complete foot at the end of the line: Acatalexis

DistichTwo lines
TercetThree lines
QuatrainFour lines
CinquainFive lines
Sestet/sextainSix lines
SeptetSeven lines
OctaveEight lines